2014. február 5., szerda


Úgy néz ki, hogy a promócióval már elkéstem...

... de emlékeztetőül azért leírom,

SQL Saturday Budapesten, a Lurdy Házban, 2014. március 1-én!

SQL Saturday Budapest

First steps in the Not Only SQL world

The first Cassandra db was be installed on my PC. The OpsCenter was launched and the first (test) node was created. But OpsCenter didn't work bacause agents failed to ssh to the node.

I got three suggested change in different settings to fix this. I did all of them and the issue was be fixed. My Cassandra runs on Windows 7(x64).

Add this line(s) (or update them) to the file below:

1. addres.yaml
  use_ssl: 0
2. local.conf
  conf_location = C:\Program Files\DataStax Community\apache-cassandra\conf\cassandra.yaml (check the path!)
3. opscenterd.conf
   ssh_port = 2222

All the files can be found under the folder 'Program Files\DataStax Community'.